What to Look For When Renting a Photo Booth

Photo Booth for WeddingsLooking for a photo booth for weddings? Here is a list of a few things you should be paying attention when you look for a photo booth.

What kind of equipment do they use?

point and shoot vs SLR cameras

Is it a point and shoot camera or a SLR camera? Point and shoot cameras are designed for simple operation. Most use settings for automatic focus, exposure and have the flash unit built in. Most of them you can’t upgrade the lens or add an external flash. Point and shoot cameras gives you much less control of taking the picture, while SLR cameras you have more control over aperture and shutter speed. Also the quality of the smaller cameras do not compare to a SLR due to the size of the sensors. Usually the point and shoot are very compact so they cannot offer the bigger sensors that SLR offer.

What kind of lighting do they use? Ask if they use professional lighting or a built in flash. You don’t want to get pictures with red eyes or blurred. Check samples on their websites to see if they look crisp an vibrant or dull, dark and uneven lighting.

What kind of printer do they use? Some companies use inkjet printers which can smudge on your clothes or can fade out over time and take up to a minute to print. Rolland studios uses Lab Quality Sublimation Dye Printers. This means that you get in about ten seconds exceptionally high quality photo strips that will last a lifetime.

Do they offer customized graphics?

Photo Booth Picture Holders

Branding is an important part for your event. Getting the date, name or logo and theme colors of your event on every picture strip, makes a big difference. Your guests will not forget where they took that funny and amazing picture when they find that picture strip laying next to a pile of photographs.

At Rolland Studios Photo Booth, we offer a unique personalized photo booth picture holder. These 3.5″ x 7″ folders hold the traditional 2″ x 6″ photo strips. They can be fully personalized to your event. If you are renting photo booth for weddings, these are a becoming a hit with our rentals. Brides love them because they get to design them and put a picture of the bride and groom. They give them away at the reception so the guests can take a copy  and some leave another copy for the guestbook.

What package options do they offer?

Check how many prints do you get and how many hours will they stay. Some companies offer unlimited double prints, others only single prints. Are they color, black and white or do they offer the either option. Check out our packages  available on our Pricing and Availability section.

Booth Size

classic closed photo booth for weddings

Some photo booths are too small that can only fit 2 people inside. Some can take up to 10 people on an enclosed booth and others are open air booths.

The classic closed photo booths has a curtain that offer more privacy while taking the pictures. That is what makes a photo booth more fun. Open air booths usually have the camera set up far away and people are standing instead of sitting down. Usually their faces are farther away so details on facial expresions aren’t as good as in a closed booth.

Customer Service

We take customer service very seriously. We think is one of the most important things to look for when looking to do business with any company. Specially when renting  photo booth for weddings. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. So you cant let anything go wrong in your wedding. Dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly staff will be at the event assisting the photo booth at all times.  We try to make your photo booth rental a worry free process so you can focus on other things while we take care of the set up, testing and take down. We make sure everything works as it should during your event.

Additional Fees

Be prepared to ask for any additional fees. Some companies charge extra for the set up and take down of the booth. If your event goes longer than you expected, make sure you know what are the costs for an extra hour or so. Some companies have a limit on the number of prints per event, so ask how much will you be charged for the extra photos that were printed.

So remember when you look to a photo booth for weddings, at Rolland Studios Photo Booth we offer the highest quality equipment, customized graphics, great customer service and great packages to choose from.

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