Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Photo Booth Wedding Guest Book
Wedding Guest Book Ideas.

Photo Booth Wedding Guest Book

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Here are a couple of great Wedding Guest Book Ideas.
Do a photo booth guestbook that you’ll actually look at with the pictures from the photo booth and notes from your guests. Capture a photo of each guest along with their special wishes, advice and memories to create the perfect wedding guestbook!

Photo Booths are the new trend in weddings. If you have been already in a wedding with a photo booth rental, then you already know how fun they are. You will never guess what is going on behind the curtains. The result of the pictures are really fun and these are the pictures that you want to keep to remember your wedding.

Have your guest book next to the photo booth and a marker for guests to leave a copy of their photo strip and sign it. Or if you need to have the guest book somewhere else, just have a sign on the photo booth advising your guests to sign the guest book and leave one copy of their photo strip at the front or wherever your guest book is located.

Another addition to your wedding photo booth is some Photo Booth Folders. These inexpensive wedding favors are a great idea for your wedding. Give your guests something they can store their photo strip and take the other copy home.
At Rolland Studios Photo Booth each guest will have two photo strips copies in color or black and white printed within 10 seconds.

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