Photo Booth Tips to Make it Even More Fun

Forget the disposable cameras and capture spontaneous with a rented photo booth! Look out for some photo booth tips and your event will be a blast.

Here are some photo booth tips that will make your party even more fun.

Good Location

The best location for the photo booth is where the action is. If it is a wedding or a quinceanera, set up the photo booth close to the dance floor. That way you don’t separate your party. Some people like to set up the booth on a separate room from the dance floor resulting your party to separate. Since the photo booth, the bar and the dance floor are usually the main attractions on a wedding , you will have about 40% on the dance floor. By keeping them together, everybody will be on the same fun environment.

The Right Time

Photo booth tips - best time for a photo booth is after dinner

If you think about the time that guests are usually in the party mood it’s right after dinner. This would be the best time for the photo booth. Most people rent a photo booth for 3 hours so this gives enough time for everyone to get their photos taken for the rest of the night. This applies to most events. Generally the fun starts at dinner time. It gives everyone something to look forward. Timing is one of the best photo booth tips.


Photo booth companies sometimes offers high quality props. Some companies don’t offer them so this would be one thing to ask before you book something. Prepare yourself and bring your own props to match your theme. Sometimes custom props are the funniest. You never know what one of your guests will come up with inside the booth that will make everybody laugh.

Be Prepared

Make sure you ask what kind of equipment the photo booth company uses. Some companies use low quality cameras, printers, or lighting.

Be sure to book with a professional company such as Rolland Studios Photo Booth, where you will get a traditional photo booth unit with a screen that you can see yourself. Ask how long will it take to print the photo strip and if they are personalized with your theme’s colors, event name and date.

photo booth

Rolland Studios Photo Booth offers a fully private, enclosed booth that fits up to 10 guests. With our 20 inch touch screen interface you can see yourself. We use top of the line 18 mega pixel Canon digital SLR cameras and professional studio lighting, so you will not have any red eye pictures. You will get two photo strips printed within 10 seconds and depending on your package, you can get personalized photo booth picture strip holders.

Remember that having a professional photo booth at your event is another great activity for your guests plus you can have the best photo album!

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