Best Photo Booth Props


A List of the most popular and best photo booth props

Best Photo Booth Props
Everybody has the opportunity to change their personality and show their wild side on a photo booth. That’s why photo booths are always a big hit in any type of event. If you are planing an event and you want it to be memorable, you are probably wondering how fun a photo booth would it be for your wedding, quinceañera, birthday party, or even a corporate event. Doesn’t matter what type of event it is, photo booths are always fun and everybody enjoys them. When your guest jumps in to the photo booth who knows what pose they are going to come up with, but when they add props to their poses… It’s even better! Here is a list of the best photo booth props:

Mustaches and Lips – Sometimes you wonder how your husband looks with red lips, or your wife with a mustache. Mustaches never go out of style, they are the most popular and traditional props in the photo booths.

Mustache and lips - best photo booth props

Sunglasses – From over-sized sunglasses, nerd glasses, plain glasses or the classic incognito glasses, everybody finds a pair to fit their personality.

Sunglasses Props

Hats – Just like sunglasses, hats come in all sizes and shapes. From top hats to crowns graduations hats, sombreros, or construction worker helmets, there is always a hat that will fit every guest at your party.

Hats photo booth props

Wigs – Different styles of wigs are always fun to have available. An afro wig, a pink colored wig or a punk wig make people look silly, getting them into the spirit of things.

wig photo booth props

Masks – Sometimes you don’t want to be recognized in the pictures at all. Using a mask and a few other props you can be unrecognizable and can create an awesome character.

Mask photo booth props

Random Items – Sometimes guests will come up with their own ideas to bring in to the photo booth. They show their creativity with the props they pull out. Whether is a personal camera taking a selfie during the picture or the DJ’s microphone, bring whatever you can think of to the photo booth! It is always fun to see what people come up with. Therefore  random items are some of the best photo booth props.


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