Best Photo Booth Location Tips

Choosing a photo booth location in a venue can be difficult sometimes. I can depend on the size of the venue and the layout.

Don’t separate the party

Some people like to have the photo booth on a separate room from the dance floor and the DJ. While there is loud music, they prefer to have the guests on the line being able to chat. This causes the parties to separate and the party will not be as fun. Therefore if you put your photo booth out of the way you won’t have many photos from the photo booth. Besides, the main room will look emptier.

Best Place to Set Up your Photo booth

Taking in consideration the points we mentioned above, the best location to set up your photo booth is close to the dance floor and the DJ. If you set up the booth this way, your guests will be all in one place sharing the same party. As a result, the people waiting in line will be dancing, listening to the DJ and not missing out anything.
Following these tips will make your event more successful and effective. Think of all activities you will have in your event before start setting up the DJ, photo booth, the bar and anything else. Make sure that all activities are close to each other so nobody misses out when they cut the cake or if the groom fell down. The easiest way to plan for the photo booth location is to do it at the same time of the DJ. Just remember that everybody should be on the same party!

Rolland Studios uses a photo booth that takes a space of about 5ft x 6ft. It fits up to 10 people in a fully enclosed booth. It’s good to find out ahead of time how much room do you need for the booth to make plans.

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